Needle-free mesotherapy

Needle-free mesotherapy

It’s a modern, non-invasive and effective aesthetic solution, using electromagnetic impulses.

Electromagnetic impulses used in mesotherapy allow for insertion of the active substances of a cosmetic (in the form of cocktails) directly into the cell, conquering the barrier of a horny layer.

Effects of the treatment

  • Needle-free mesotherapy ensures skin regeneration on the cellular level, via directly delivering the medicine into the source of an aesthetic problem.
  • The method ensures effective results in elimination of skin imperfections.
  • It eliminates flabiness, rejuvenates
  • regenerates and visibly corrects the skin's appearance.

Procedures performed on a regular basis, and in accordance with the recommendations, significantly delay occurrence of wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin in the people between 25 and 35. To obtain durable effects, a series of 6-10 procedures is recommended.

The procedure along with the active ampule selected according to the skin’s needs.

Price: PLN 160
Duration: 60 min